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Greetings to the students, staff and families of CCIS.

We are in our 18th year as a school and continue to develop and offer a consistently high standard of education for students with special needs in Kuwait.

Our students are supported in a caring and nurturing manner by our committed and dedicated teachers who ensure that learning is fun and that they work consistently to meet student learning goals.

We are also very fortunate to partner with each of our parents so that every child is supported both at home and at school. CCIS is a second home for all its students and this journey continues till they are adults.

The school is a vibrant environment where there is engaging academic work, creative learning opportunities, exercise and beneficial therapy sessions. We also provide small training opportunities for our mature students so that they can prepare for application-based jobs in the local market.


Regular celebration days continue but at a much more toned-down level due to the continuing restrictions for the school year.

If you wish to find out more about our school, we welcome you to take a virtual tour or schedule a visit to our school by calling the school secretary. We would be most happy to show you around and explain the impact of what are doing.

I wish all members of our school community a wonderful academic year in 21-22 and call on one and all to follow the MoH guidelines to get vaccinated if you can, so that your entire family and the country of Kuwait can be safe and return to pre-pandemic normalcy at the earliest.