Summer Camp
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  • Parents who wish to enroll their child in CCIS may contact the school for enquiry in one of the three ways:
  • In the case of a walk-in enquiry, the receptionist directs the parent to the secretary or student affairs executive.
  • The parent will have to fill out the student application /admission form

    If the student meets the eligibility criteria (Autism, Down syndrome, Mental Retardation, and Speech delay, ADHD, ADD, and Developmental Delay) for the registration, the secretary will then arrange a psychological assessment for the student, scheduled within the next three working days. The parents will be contacted for the appointment by a phone call.

  • Note: CCIS does not accept students with physical, visual, or auditory disability.
  • Once the enquiry form is completed, the parents will be informed about the student assessment schedule.
  • During the student assessment, the psychologist will have to ensure that the child meets the eligibility criteria for admission, through conventional scientific methods
  • The result of the assessment will be shared by the psychologist to the secretary.
  • The secretary will check if seats are available for the student based on the disability as mentioned by the psychologist.
  • 8.If the student is admitted, the secretary will be collecting all the required documents from the parents and will open a new student file.
  • Documents required to complete a registration are as follows:
    • Copy of the Civil ID for the Student, Father and Mother
    • Copy of the Birth Certificate
    • Medical Card
    • PAD declaration statement
    • 4 photos with blue background
    • Medical reports
    • Disability certificate by PAD (Only for Kuwaiti nationality)
    • Transfer Letter from previous school (If transferred from)
    • Student Academic File from the previous school
    • If parents are divorced, valid guardianship papers.
    • Vaccination certificate
    • Clearance Letter from previous school
  • If parents are divorced, valid guardianship papers.
  • If a student is found to be partially eligible for admission, the student will be placed for an observation in a classroom for a weeks’ time.
  • The psychologist observes the student periodically daily and collects inputs from the teacher also, to decide whether the student can be admitted in the school.